15 April 2011

by Eugenia Enciu: Order NOW [HEART] young collection by Eugenia Enciu

[HEART] young collection by Eugenia Enciu

1.Check out the [HEART] catalogue 
2.Find the item you [ ♥] and order it @ atelier@eugeniaenciu.ro or diana.enciu@yahoo.com
3.You can choose from S/M/L sizes and you can also send your admeasurements to be sure you'll have the perfect item for your silhouette
 4.  [ ♥] rules:  
- you can have your [ ♥] in front or in the back of the item 
- the item could be shorter in front or with the same lenght in front as in the back
5. Delivery:  
-7 days if you are in Bucharest  
-10 days if you are from another country or city


  1. foarte frumoasa colectia...suava si feminina!

  2. felicitari pentru colectie! este absolut superba!
    mult noroc in continuare >:D<

    The Sassy Sparrow

  3. Intr-adevar o colectie deosebita!