31 August 2009

by Eugenia Enciu: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen collection @ atelier-eugeniaenciu.blogspot.com

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Collection
Elizabeth and James: Trend parts of the label by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

by mytheresa.com: Dupa cateva discutii cu PR-ul site-ului www.mytheresa.com nu numai ca am ajuns la concluzia ca ar trebui sa colaboram, dar am reusit sa aflu cateva detalii despre povestea colectiei semnate Mary-Kate si Ashley Olsen.

" Take a shirt from the lovers’ closet in the morning! Have you ever done it as well? Today it is called boyfriend look and is getting trendy.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have spun the situation around its own story and put them into the love story of their fashion label Elizabeth and James.

A sunny morning of an usual fall day, Brooklyn, New York - the young dancer Elizabeth woke up in bed with her boyfriend James. At breakfast they were talking about the night with the best of friends before.
Everyone danced so passionately that the clothing was bathed in sweat from head to toe. "How should I wear to the dancing studio today?" Elizabeth asked, as she drank the last cup of coffee. "Try my striped shirt! “ James took his dusky pale green shirt with the sweet black stripes from his closet and said, "It is yours now." Elizabeth fell in love with his shirt. Even thought it looked a bit big for her, but it looked gorgeous on her with the black sailor jeans. She took James' blazer on, gave him a goodbye and ran into the city.

The Olsen twins, as fashion icons, are considered a pioneer of the boyfriend looks - the way to her own boyfriend-style collection was not far.

In the U.S., "Elizabeth and James” has already had a great success; the online store mytheresa.com picks the nice parts from the current fall/winter collection into its fine selection. "

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